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CD-ROM with the program in german, english, danish, and dutch language (language selection is done at installation), A5 documentation «Installation» (4 p.), «Step by step to the lace pattern» (35 p.), and «Reference» (164 p.) in a box.

Owner of older knipling versions can buy an update for 45 € from version 2.4 (incl. tax and shipping in Germany, Europe +10 €).

We offer a demo version (30 days running time, online documentation only, restricted printing) for 10 € plus shipping (only cash before delivery outside from Germany). If you buy the full version not later than 30 days after the end of the demo running period, we give you a discount of 10 €.

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kn30win-en90 €Full version for Windows 98 or newer
kn30lnx-en60 €Full version for Linux

Prices includes tax and shipping inside Germany (Europe: +10 €). Shipping by cash on delivery (COD).

Please use the catalogue (in german) or the form below this side for ordering.

Functions of the program

Selecting of different drawing grids like rectangular, diamond, rectangular border, and oval grids.

Circular, ring, and ring arc grids, as one symmetric part or complete, also with alternate grid points for creating grounds.

Multistep ring grids (new), hexagon, and polygon grids (new).

Waved diamond grids and honeycomb grids (new) for special purposes.

Saving of configured grids in a grid collection for later reuse. Export and import of grid collections (new).

Drawing of lines, shortened lines (for prickings), circles and ovals, arcs and curves, shortened curves, picots in different sizes.

Constructing of oval, triangular, diamond shaped, rectangular, and quadrangular (new) tallies. Adding of small legs (new). Compose complex areas bei tallies without a border (new). Using of shortened tallies (new) in prickings.

Integrated Torchon elements in any size for rectangular and unstretched diamond grids (new).

Adding arrows with different shapes and sizes (new) to lines, curves, and arcs (new).

Setting single or groups of pin dots for ground, separate printout of the pricking.

Correcting elements by shifting, editing, splitting, or removing them.

Rotating, mirroring, stretching, or moving elements or regions.

Waving (new), curving edges, stretching them by wegde (new).

Original edge





Applying wedge

Half-automatic creation of corners and polygons from edges (new).


90° corner (mirrored)

Hexagon (unmirrored)

Connecting elements.

Multiple copies of regions to fill areas or grounds.

Regular division of borders and creation of ribbons.

Stretching, centering and rescaling patterns for different thread widths.

Adding eyes inside and at the end of curves, lines, and arcs.

Snap in elements into grid points.

Cutting off gaps to draw thread courses.

Thread course linen stitch

Selecting of three different line widths and font sizes which can be chosen individual.

Automatic creation of running pairs between two borders.

Automatic conversion of running pair lines into thread course in the desired colour.

Moving of connection points to borders or other connection points (new).

Using of coloured elements for technical diagrams.

Saving of complex objects in a library for later reuse. Export and import of libraries.

Creating symmetric parts of the pattern automatically.

Measuring the pattern.

Thread width calculator (Nm, NeL, NeB, tex) and grid calculator to compute grid distances and angles.

Navigation window for editing large patterns (new).

Printing the pattern in the formats A3, A4, and A5 (if supported by the printer). Larger patterns are splitted automatically and printed as a serie of sheets to mount them manually.

Printing of a logo or trade mark if desired (new).

Printing of prickings.

PostScript export to include the pattern into documents, conversion functions to Acrobat reader and WWW presentation (PDF, PNG, JPG).

Magnifying glass to show details in the pattern.

Print preview which shows the splitting of large patterns into several sheets.

Conversion of coloured patterns or diagrams into black-white printouts with different black and gray dashed lines.

Including a picture as template for designing the pattern. Rescaling, rotatating, or mirroring the picture.

Automatic creation of splines through given points to redraw outlines of pictures (new).

Autosaving the pattern after defined time intervals (new).

Online documentation.

Installation requirements
  • PC Pentium or compatible,
  • at least 128 MB memory (RAM),
  • Windows 98/ME or NT 4.0/2000/XP/Vista/7, or
  • SuSELinux 10.1 or newer, Ubuntu 9.10 or newer, or Debian Lenny with X11R6,
  • Screen resolution at least 800x600 pixels,
  • 40 MB hard disk space,
  • A4 graphics printer.

You can use knipling under Windows Vista and Windows 7 without problems. During the installation you have to commit a lot of security warnings. Only the program entry in the start menu doesn't work, but you can start knipling using the symbol on the desktop.

We thank you for your suggestions and hints to improve the program.

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knipling 3.0 (Windows)90 €
knipling 3.0 (Linux)60 €
knipling 3.0 Demo (Windows)10 €
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